If you’re reading this page, it probably means that at some stage, you’ve asked yourself the following question…

Why am I working so hard but not seeing the profit or cash I want?

You may be dealing with employees, inventory, finances and wondering what you have to do to make it all worth-while … to make your business give you the life you want.

I mean, after-all, your business is about you.

With Lutz & Associates, we understand that your business is there to help you achieve what you want in your life and our approach is to always give you the best business advice tailored to your personal situation.

Why not look below to see the many ways we have helped business owners, just like you, to feel more in control of your business and cashflow.

So if you want or need a level of experience and understanding that only a big firm can provide (but with a small firm, personal feel), then take advantage of our no -obligation,free consultation to see how we can help you.

So How Can We Help You?

Commencing business with Lutz

Commencing Your Business

Assisting you to develop a business plan.
Advising you on the most appropriate trading structure.
Assisting you to develop budgets and forecasts and explaining why these are important.
Helping you establish accounting and record-keeping systems.
Working with established businesses

Established Businesses

Reviewing you trading structure to determine whether it is consistent with your business and family circumstances.
Discussing and assistance with implementing various profit improvement strategies.
Reviewing and discussing the taxation implications of various special transactions to be undertaken so you are fully aware of the likely results.
Preparing updated and reviewing existing budgets and forecasts, especially when the business requires bank funding to ensure the best possible chance of gaining such funding.
Liaising with other members of your professional advisor team to ensure your overall goals are being achieved.
Winding down businesses

Looking to Wind Down

Working with you to ensure that your business can provide what you want in retirement by making sure your business can be sold for the best possible price.
Reviewing and assisting with implementing estate and succession planning measures.