9 May 2017

No surprises that this year's Federal Budget centred on housing affordability and taxation measures relating to that, given the publicity surrounding these areas leading up to the Budget.

To see those areas which affect you, we bring you the overview, fresh from the Wolters Kluwer Budget Team.

Federal Budget Overview

8 April 2017

Here's a recent case study we were involved in, which highlights the need to regularly review this area of your business, as it affects not only tax, but also commercial considerations.

Click here for the case study

17 September 2016

A back-flip on the controversial $500,000 lifetime limit for non-concessional contributions, an idea announced on May 3 but bitterly opposed by parts of the super industry, some wealthier workers and Coalition MPs.

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10 September 2016

Even if it's a franchised business, it's still a business and still needs the correct due diligence undertaken if you're considering becoming a franchisee.


27 August 2016

A good example of how the right distribution channel can scale your business.


23 July 2016

The perils of inadequate financing and limits of scale as they relate to a franchise operation are highlighted in this article.


9 July 2014

Another attempt to better understand how large companies structure their international tax affairs.

Transfer pricing and source of income are always areas that tax authorities focus on.


24 June 2016

The Australian Taxation Office has extended the deadline for small businesses to register for SuperStream, to 28 October 2016.

The previous deadline had been 30 June 2016 and although the extension allows another four months, we would still urge all clients to register as soon as possible, to allow you to be compliant well before the due date.

11 June 2016

An overview of how far housing and its related industries stretches in our economy.


21 May 2016

As a reminder, all employers must be registered for SuperStream, by 30 June 2016.

For an overview of what this means, just visit the following link:


15 May 2016

Another example of how the major accounting software providers are expanding their reach with cloud-computing.


4 May 2016

The Federal Budget.

What does it mean? Does it affect me?

Our overview of the most important parts of last night's Budget are contained in our Federal Budget Overview here.

24 April 2016

We highlight this article, simply to reinforce our view that businesses need to conduct transactions in real-time and have real-time information available.

This obviously depends on the infrastructure available and the quality of it.


16 April 2016

With ongoing debates regarding housing affordability, this article highlights another possible solution.


10 April 2016

Another article regarding the financial battles associated with deceased estates. Such battles appear to be on the rise.


27 March 2016

An insight into how the current Australian Taxation Office Commissioner views the challenges he's had coming from private industry and his main focuses whilst in the top job.


12 March 2016

Moral of the story?

Prepare a Will!


5 March 2016

This article is important, not for the industry it focuses on, but the trend it highlights. How can (will?) this trend disrupt your industry?


27 February 2016

Another change to previously-announced intentions by the Government regarding the GST, which means even more focus on superannuation and negative-gearing. This year's Federal Budget may include some very interesting proposals.


6 February 2016

We're not sure whether to be shocked or impressed with the tax deductions this person was claiming.


31 January 2016

16 January 2016

The removal of the Capital Gains Tax main residence exemption is an idea that has been raised continually in the past, however, this article gives some reasons as to why this may be difficult to achieve.


9 January 2016

Given the first week of the New Year has been filled with stories of corporate collapses, falling share market and questionable business practices, we thought we'd provide some goods news. Enjoy.


19 December 2015

After reading this article, we think a good follow-up article would be the effect of non-indexing income thresholds for various concessions/rebates, to determine the extent of income Federal revenue saved since 2004-05.


13 December 2015

MYOB's Business Monitor has recently surveyed SMEs to find their top 5 pressure points.

A couple of findings match points we have mentioned in previous articles.


5 December 2015

This keeps coming-up time and time again.

It does, however, highlight the dangers in misclassifying employees as contractors.

Keep in mind, as an employer, the liability for unpaid PAYG Withholding Tax and superannuation contributions rests with you.


29 November 2015

We'll keep you posted when the ATO public ruling regarding website development costs becomes available.


21 November 2015

14 November 2015


8 November 2015

This article highlights the extent to which the "extra" superannuation tax is providing revenue, as well as how easily people can inadvertently exceed the relevant thresholds.


31 October 2015

What's missing in all discussions regarding proposed reductions in the Australian corporate tax rate is a discussion regarding the implications for domestic shareholders receiving franked dividends, which is different to the implications associated with international shareholders receiving those dividends.


25 October 2015

This article provides some good information about factors to consider by businesses when looking at social media as part of their marketing strategy.


18 October 2015

Looks like the push to end tax havens will not be without drama.


11 October 2015

It looks as though the new General Manager at the Institute of Business Leaders brings a diverse business background to the role


28 September 2015

This confirms the technology the ATO has at its disposal to track a vast array of transactions.


21 September 2015

A timely article for any aspiring entrepreneurs or those in business looking at new ventures.


14 September 2015

An equally posing question is how many of these visitors may turn into permanent residents of the coast.


7 September 2015

And for those wondering whether last week's share market drop is a sign of things to come, here's one economists view.


31 August 2015

A behind-the-scenes look at how a non-profit event is run and various financial aspects.


24 August 2015

It will be interesting to see how willing (or otherwise) foreign companies will be to registering for a GST.


17 August 2015

This suggestion has been raised previously, however, nothing to date has eventuated. It will be interesting to see what affect, if any, come from this.


10 August 2015

Congratulations to Gold Coast business, Skudo, for winning this contract with Apple.


03 August 2015

AustralianSuper Chief Executive, Ian Silk, provides his take on a popular view regarding the extent of funds required in superannuation for retirement.


27 July 2015

Whether or not Australia's credit rating is downgraded, it does pose the question "How will my business or personal affairs be affected, should it happen?"


20 July 2015

Interesting developments in the traditional caravanning industry and one person's view regarding how it will develop further.


13 July 2015

John Fraser, Treasury Secretary, gives his views on the future of the Australian economy and his concerns.


6 July 2015

One of the Gold Coast's biggest independent internet companies is seeing the effects of Netflix's market penetration on the Gold Cast.


15 June 2015

No rest for Tony Quinn after the sale of his VIP Pet Foods business.


8 June 2015

An interesting article regarding how certain millionaires live their lives.

Some themes are consistent with those expounded in "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas Stanley and Will Danko.


1 June 2015

Some good tips from private business owners who have successfully expanded their business overseas.


25 May 2015

Congratulations to Jason Perkins and Trac Group for this innovative product which appears to be gaining more and more interest.


18 May 2015

Another Gold Coast medical business expanding from its Hope Island base to Surfers Paradise by bringing specialised radiology services to un under-serviced area.


13 May 2015

To see how last night's Federal Budget will impact you, read our

Federal Budget Overview.

11 May 2015

It seems lawyers turn to wineries and stockbrokers turn to spirits!

Some good local and international recognition for this new business.


3 May 2015

A further article regarding the potential for property prices in Queensland, based on Sydney & Melbourne prices.


27 April 2015

A wonderful Australian initiative and a unique innovation that has successfully raised funds from a crowd funding course.

Congratulations to Cedar and Stuart Anderson for Flow Hive!


20 April 2015

An interesting view on negative gearing of property in Australia and whether it is to the benefit or detriment of the country.


13 April 2015

An alternative view of the Gold Coast by a local and the potential he believes can be harnessed for businesses.


7 April 2015

Pharmacies, retail, imports and taxis. The recently handed-down Competition Review Policy appears to have some broad benefits for the consumer.


31 March 2015

An example of how a medical services provider is expanding its business to accommodate the needs of people.


23 March 2015

Great to see a local manufacturing firm leading the way and congratulations to Suzie Wright for her well-deserved award


16 March 2015

These three figures relate to the importance of having sound projections in the first place!


9 March 2015

The argument for allowing access to superannuation funds for first home buyers seems to do the rounds periodically, however, it would appear that the preservation of the funds for retirement purposes seems to be the predominant counter-argument.


27 February 2015

An interesting article about the battle for the online accounting market, between MYOB and Xero.


23 February 2015

Putting aside issues of competition, we can already see inevitable questions arising regarding taxation. When does it turn from being a hobby for someone who just wants to earn a few more dollars, into something that becomes a business and therefore bears tax? This is something that tax advisors will also have to consider.


20 February 2015

It seems this article merely confirms the extensive time and information requirements associated with the higher level tax reviews, conducted by the Australian Taxation Office, that companies and high net-worth private groups must sometimes endure.


18 February 2015

This article highlights an important "non-financial" factor to consider when contemplating the potential sale of your business.


16 February 2015

From strength to strength and wonderful to see a local business expanding to keep up with the needs of its market.


13 February 2015

A surprising admission by the Governor of the RBA yet perhaps very telling.


11 February 2015

A 1.5% tax cut for small companies sounds great but how will it be funded and will it mean increased regulation?