Margarida Prazeres

Senior Accountant

Degree in Accounting, Major in Auditing. Member of the IPA, Registered BAS Agent.

Margarida is a senior accountant, whose journey began in Portugal. She completed her degree in Accounting, with a Major in Auditing, giving her the skills to handle complex financial situations.

Margarida doesn’t just love numbers; she also enjoys spending time outdoors, finding peace and excitement in nature. She is passionate about kayaking, diving and snorkelling – specifically because of the calm and beauty of the underwater world.

Margarida’s love extends to her feline companions, whom she adores. Moreover, she indulges in her passion for cooking and entertaining, taking pleasure in creating delicious meals and hosting gatherings.

Margarida finds peace in balancing her professional career with her hobbies, living a life full of adventure and excitement.